Hi, We are the Contortion Sisters

{Mongolian Contortion MasterClass} Founders


After training in home land Mongolia to learn contortion and 30+ years of performing professionally all over the world as a contortionist for several top companies like Cirque Du Soliel, Cirque Dreams, Broadway, Universoul Circus, Cirque Musica, La Tohu... We wanted to share our knowledge with the world.

We successfully have coached and helped many master in Mongolian Contortion technique to grow in this discipline and whom now professional contortionist performing on the world stages.  

Why Mongolian contortion?


Mongolian contortion technique is know to be the best and safest in the industry. Many world known contortionist are from & trained in Mongolia and many travels to Mongolia to learn the technique. 

 We have trained in Mongolia from ages of 6 & 10 at the national circus and started performing from ages of 12 and traveled around the world ever since.

While we traveling and performing we have shared and taught Mongolian contortion technique and enjoyed seeing success from the students. 




Just a few of our students and performers who trusted us to help and better them selfs as contortionist with Mongolian contortion technique in the past and current.